Sustainable Forestry for a Greener Future

Expanding Our Nursery Operations

At Bhutan Board Products Limited, we are committed to sustainable forest management. Our clear felling and replanting practices ensure a continuous cycle of growth and renewal. In 2021, we expanded our nursery operations, generating over Nu.120,000 in revenue from the sale of commercial species.

Our Forest Management Process

From Clear Felling to Replanting

Bhutan Board Products Limited manages its forest resources through a meticulous process. We start with clear felling, followed by replanting with saplings raised in our own nurseries. This ensures a sustainable and renewable forest ecosystem.

Our nursery, located in Darla and spread over 3 acres, is the heart of our replanting efforts. Here, we cultivate seedlings that are essential for our reforestation projects. The nursery’s operations have been pivotal in maintaining the balance between resource extraction and environmental conservation.

In 2021, we began raising commercial fodder species to supply to Agro-farms. This initiative has not only diversified our operations but also contributed significantly to our revenue. We continue to explore new markets and expand our nursery operations to meet growing demands.

Our Impact in Numbers


Revenue from Commercial Species


Nu.120,000 Earned in 2021


Nu.15/- per Sapling

Our Commitment to Sustainable Growth

Expanding Nursery Operations

We are dedicated to expanding our nursery operations, ensuring a continuous supply of high-quality saplings for sustainable forest management.

Exploring New Markets

Our team is actively exploring new markets to provide commercial fodder species and other sustainable products to a broader audience.

Join Us in Sustainable Forestry

Explore our nursery operations and learn more about our commitment to sustainable forest management.