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Introducing ‘Greenure’ – the pinnacle of organic gardening. Crafted from 30-year-old decomposed wood mulch, enriched with natural cow dung and boiler ash, this scientifically formulated fertilizer ensures a perfect balance of pH, moisture, and essential nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, Magnesium, and Sulphur. Available now in Thimphu, Darla, and Phuentsholing at competitive prices. Enhance your garden’s health today!

The Journey of Organic Fertilizer-"Greenure"

From its inception to becoming a garden staple, follow the developmental milestones of Greenure Organic Fertilizer.

The Unit was set up over a period of one year at the cost of Nu. 3 million with financial assistance from the National Organic Flagship Project of Ministry of Agriculture and Forest. The company placed the product on trial for one year in Thimphu, Darla and Phuentsholing for use in flower gardens and kitchen gardens. The company also received laboratory test results from Kolkata which specified that the nutrient contents of “Greenure” Fertilizer meets the minimum standards of Organic Fertilizer. The unit has the installed capacity of producing 4 MT per day.

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Discover the benefits of our scientifically formulated ‘Greenure’ Organic Fertilizer. Perfect for flower and kitchen gardens, our product ensures a balanced nutrient supply for your plants. Don’t wait, transform your garden today!